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  1. Vision Misson

Vision Misson


The most trusted billionaire cooperative in the Visayas.



We provide relevant financial products and allied services to uplift the socio-economic conditions of the members and the community.


  • To ensure high financial returns for the members and the cooperative.
  • To expand and strengthen our market presence in the visayas.
  • To develop and satisfy members with quality financial products and allied services.
  • To be a gender fair cooperative that capacitates through continuous education of the leaders and staff to better the members and the community.
  • To strengthen the social services and livelihood programs for the growth and development of the community and ecology.

Core Values


  • L – Loyalty to the cooperative
  • O – Oneness in achieving our goals
  • V – Valor in upholding fairness, accountability and transparency
  • E – Excellence in all that we do
  • S – Socially and environmentally responsible
  • M – Motivated to serve with a heart and
  • E – Empowered to make a difference