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Products & Services

Products and Services

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(032) 496-8455

  • Loan Products

    Do you need ADDITIONAL CAPITAL for your business? Are you short of your kid’s TUITION FEES? Are your utility bills due for payment and you are Short of CASH? Get closer to your dreamed CAR and dreamed HOUSE. Go to your nearest CMC Branch. Your COOP will listen.

    Loan Products that we offer: (Providential Loans, Productive Loans, Real Estate Loans, Back-to-Back Loans).

  • Savings Products

    We offer more returns for your hand-earned savings. SAVE money for your future. DEPOSIT at CMC now!

    Savings Products that we offer: (Time deposit, Regular Savings, Associate Savings, Kiddie Savings)

  • Business Enterprise

    Other Business we have: (Lumber, Consumer, Bayad Center)

  • Other Services

    We Value human dignity.

    Other Services that we offer: (Cooperative Health Care Programs and FONUS).