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  1. Mr. Francisco and Darlyn Gilig

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8Aug 2016

Mr. Francisco and Darlyn Gilig


Mr. Francisco Gilig Jr. and Darlyn Gilig are both current members of CMC-Olango Branch who are VERY BUSINESS-MINDED people. They started with a small store along the street near their home, having only a meager CAPITAL to start their business. A few months later, because of DEDICATION, EFFORT AND DETERMINATION, and the small store had grown into something BIGGER!

When they decided to expand and open another store (the one in the picture above), “OMG MARKETING” and in order to MEET THE DEMANDS OF THEIR VALUED CUSTOMERS, the couple resolved to become members of CMC-Olango Branch to have access to bigger capitalization. They were able to avail of a P100, 000.00 PRODUCTIVE LOAN WITH NO COLLATERAL. The couple claimed that the amount had indeed helped them SUSTAIN THEIR BUSINESS and made it even bigger.

Currently, THE SAID ENTERPRISE is enjoying the avid patronage of numerous CUSTOMERS due to its EFFECTIVE SERVICE and AFFORDABLE prices.