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Loan Products

Do you need ADDITIONAL CAPITAL for your business? Are you short of your kid’s TUITION FEES? Are your utility bills due for payment and you are Short of CASH? Get closer to your dream CAR and dream HOUSE. Go to your nearest CMC Branch. Your COOP will listen.

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Savings Products

We offer more returns for your hard-earned savings. SAVE money for your future. DEPOSIT at CMC now!

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Time Deposit

CMC helps you plan for tomorrow. Money does not grow on trees, but, it does at CMC! Let your COOP multiply your earnings for you. Open a TIME DEPOSIT at CMC today!

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We Value human dignity.

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The most trusted billionaire cooperative in the Visayas.



We provide relevant financial products and allied services to uplift the socio-economic conditions of the members and the community.


  • To ensure high financial returns for the members and the cooperative.
  • To expand and strengthen our market presence in the visayas.
  • To develop and satisfy members with quality financial products and allied services.
  • To be a gender fair cooperative that capacitates through continuous education of the leaders and staff to better the members and the community.
  • To strengthen the social services and livelihood programs for the growth and development of the community and ecology.

Core Values


  • L – Loyalty to the cooperative
  • O – Oneness in achieving our goals
  • V – Valor in upholding fairness, accountability and transparency
  • E – Excellence in all that we do
  • S – Socially and environmentally responsible
  • M – Motivated to serve with a heart and
  • E – Empowered to make a difference


What Our Clients Say?

Testimonials and success stories of our members.



Mr. Francisco Gilig Jr. and Darlyn Gilig are both current members of CMC-Olango Branch who are VERY BUSINESS-MINDED people. They started with a small store along the street near their home, having only a (more…)

Mr. Francisco and Darlyn Gilig

Mr. Francisco and Darlyn Gilig

CMC-Olango Branch Members


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